Bamboo Rafting at Yulong River

Yulong River is a charming river in the countryside of Yangshuo, which winds its way in a picturesque valley sided by stunning limestone hills. Bamboo Rafting on the Yulong River does not mean rapids or waterfalls, the clear water runs smoothly and the journey is peaceful and relaxing.

Travelling by bamboo raft is the most ideal way to experience the charming Yulong River: crystal water, beautiful karst peaks, pretty bamboo forests, rice fields, quite villages and water buffaloes along the ride; Just gently flowing on the river, enjoy the sunshine and blue sky, as well as the sweet folk songs sang by local people.

The excellent composition of water, ancient bridges, villages and mountains along this waterway is also great destinations for photographers, cyclists or hiking lovers; Just sending out from the Yangshuo county, your biking or hiking routes will definitely include attractive trails along Yulong River.

The starting points are at different locations along the rivers and the rides range from half an hour to 5 hours. Below are three classic rafting lines recommended by us:

① Xanadu (Shiwaitaoyuan) - Fenghuang Qiao (Fenghuang Bridge) - Fuli Qiao (Fuli Bridge) - Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge). This line includes the essential scenery of the river, is suitable for photographers and those who are crazy about "returning to nature"

② Jinlong Qiao (Jinlong Bridge) - Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge)- Guiyi Old Town (Jiuxian) - Xiangui Qiao (Xiangui Bridge)- Chaoyang Pier-Gongnong Qiao (Gongnong Bridge). It takes 5-6hrs to finish the entire journey (16km) in the low water period while the high water period needs 3-4hrs. Along this line, the drifters can make shore excursion to explore the beautiful historic towns, ancient villages and the charming countryside.

③Jinlong Qiao (Jinlong Bridge) - Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge) - Guiyi Old Town (Jiuxian) - Xiangui Qiao (Xiangui Bridge)-Xiatang Zhai (Tourist Bus Station)

Here below are some trip ideas for your reference:

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