Why China Village Tour

As more and more shining edifices of steel, glass and concrete mushroom across China, now is the time to venture inland in search of the more traditional side of China. Join us to take a journey to the discovery of the vast rural China.

Once the leading agricultural civilization for nearly 2000 years, the real China still resides in its villages with its harmonious simplicity in the vicissitudes of all kinds. These villages are a retreat to the disappearing traditions, culture, ways of life, and much more.

Different from conventional tour operation, China Village tour has the following typical characteristics:

We offer a form of nature-based tour packages that unveil the local lifestyles, cultural handicrafts, and other heritage at rural areas, thereby favoring the local communities, socially and economically.

We offer you options, involving the different themes like agri-tourism, nature tourism, and culture tourism, etc. Our clients take easy-going walks through the green pathways of the sparsely populated rustic region, relishing the local cuisines, sleeping in the boutique inns, and wandering around the markets, paddy fields and local festivals.

Awaken your traveling senses and absorb the spirits of the rusticity of rural China. China Village Tour is an inevitable solution to you. Combined with minority rustic carnivals to mud houses, stilt-style architecture, and folk musical performances to capture the celestial tone, you would immerse yourself with the rich culture and diversity of the rural China.

Here below are some trip ideas for your reference: