Yongding Hakka Tulou

Yongding Hakka Tulou

Scene Introduction

Yongding Hakka TulouLocated in the southwest part of Fujian Province, Yongding County is one of the most famous spot in Longyan city. Yongding is famous all around the world for its beautiful landscape, unique Hakka culture, and magnificent Tulou houses.

Tulou, also called Tulou house, is a kind of large scale residential building that provides a place for clansmen to live compactly. It also has defensive function. At the end of Song Dynasty, Han people began to settle in the area and built Tulou. As Tulou are extremely common in Fujian province, nobody can tell the exact year when the first Tulou appeared.

Compared with other Hakka regions, Yongding Tulou are unparalleled in terms of scale and number with its special historical background. The Tulou here are almost perfect in construction techniques and functions, and their moldings are also equipped with high aesthetic values. There are more than forty Tulous in Hongkeng Village, Yongding county, including Zhenchenglou, Fuyulu, Kuijulou and Rushenglou. Zhenchenglou, nicknamed “the prince of tulou”, is a magnificent building combining the Chinese style with the western style. It built in 1912 by the descendents of a rich tobacco merchant.

Zhenchenglou is a double ring tulou, its outer ring is 4 stories high, total 184 rooms, the inner ring is 2 stories with 32 rooms. These Tulou houses depend on natural village as units and integrate the blue sky, the vast ground and beautiful natural scenery into a whole. The whole sight of this is magnificent and breath-taking.

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