Fuli Old Town

Fuli Old Town

Scene Introduction

Fuli Old Town Fuli, about 8 kilometers (20-minute drive) east of Yangshuo, is a small town with its stone houses and cobbled lanes. Situated on the east bank of the Li River, it is also a popular scenic spot for cyclists to view its idyllic riverside scenery. Moreover, travelers can admire the lovely "mountain-water" landscape of the area by taking a 50-minute boat ride on the lower reaches of the Li River down to this quaint spot.

Fuli has a history of 800 years. Now, it is divided into two very distinct parts. The main road to Guandong Province runs through the new part, whereas the old part is on the bank of the Li River.

For its good location and historical context, the wharf in Fuli was famous along Li River in ancient China. On the ancient streets, many traditional houses, pagodas and temples can be still seen. The local people still live in old buildings, even though some of them have already fallen down. On the doors, all the traditional New Year decorations remain in place for the entire year. Besides, Fuli, as “the hometown of paper fan in China”, is famous for its handmade paper fans. Today, many local residents still make paper fan at home

A walk around the town would be a very memorable experience. Visitors can peek into and see the simple lives of the local people. On any day of the month that ends in 2, 5, 8 - Fuli market day, just have fun from this crowed but very traditional market.

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