Chengkan Village

Chengkan Village

Scene Introduction

Chengkan VillageChengkan Village, located in Huizhou, Anhui Province, about 40 kilometers away from Mt. Huangshan, is noted for its representative collections of ancient architecture of Ming Dynasty,including pavilions, houses, bridges, wells, ancestral temples and so on. Houses here have high value and play an important role in the research of Ancient Chinese folk architecture, thus Chengkan Village is designated as a provincial preservation.

Chengkan Village has a history of 1800 years and this ancient village integrated the featured Hui style, white wall and gray tiles, and green hills and crystal water, which makes Chengkan a unique and picture-like place. The color of these bridges and houses still keeps their bright and fresh although throughout ages. Take a bird’s view of Chengkan Villiage, it may present a little bit complex. Just like people said that, stepping into the village, you are as if stepping into a maze: three main streets and ninety-nine lanes criss crossing the village with hills and rivers surrounding it. Pay a visit to Chengkan Village is an exploration of the intricacy of lanes as well as the primitive life of the locals, and is surely worthwhile.

Though, Chengkan is not so famous and developed like the nearby village Xidi or Hongcun, it has more rural and idyllic atmosphere here in Chengkan. It is really a fascinating place that worth your visit.

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