Yangshuo Town

Yangshuo Town

Scene Introduction

Yulong river yangshuoYangshuo town, with a history of 1,400 years, is now the county seat of Yangshuo. Surrounded by karst peaks and bordered on one side by the Li River, Yangshuo get its fame for the limestone karst mountains, clear rivers, grotesque caves and beautiful countryside scenery. For travelers, it is easily accessible by bus or by boat from nearby Guilin.

As the old saying goes, "Guilin has the most beautiful scenery in China, and Yangshuo is the most beautiful part of Guilin." Yangshuo is reputed for the most picturesque landscape in the entire Guilin region. Clean Li River winds through Yangshuo for 56km and hundreds of limestone hills scatter in the countryside. The Classic rural scenes of wallowing water buffalo and farmers tending to crops are dominated by an awesome backdrop of soaring limestone peaks. The natural scenery is a common subject of Chinese paintings as well as the inspiration for poetry.

The pedestrianised West Street is the town's heartbeat. It runs northeast down to the Li River. Although this street is less than 1000 meters, it’s positively bursting with hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and souvenir shops. At every corner of this street, people from different lands and of different colors drink beer, taste coffee, or chat leisurely. It shows a dense exotic atmosphere. Also, local specialties also can be found here, like rice noodles, Yangshuo beer fish and stuffed snails, etc.

Around Yangshuo, there are great opportunities for outdoor activities: hiking, Li river cruise, bamboo rafting along Yulong River, rock climbing, swimming, Cave exploration… Bike riding for Yangshuo's surrounding countryside would be a highlight of a trip to China.

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