Dingcun Village Folklore Museum

Dingcun Village Folklore Museum

Scene Introduction

Dingcun Village Folklore MuseumDingcun Folk Museum is located in Jinnan Xiangfen County famous "Dingcun people" and "sites of Dingcun culture" location Dingcun, is a national key cultural relic protection units. It began construction in 1984 and was opened to the public on November 10, 1985. The Dingcun Museum of Folk Customs, is a regional specialized folklore museum in China, reflects the living custom of the Han people in southern Shanxi Province.

The museum boasts over 10,000 pieces of collections, including pottery, furniture, costume, farm tools, transportation tools, textiles, folk art and unearthed relics. Among them, several folklore displays with different themes related to the Han nationality living in southern Shanxi at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the begging of the Republic of China.

Built during the Ming & Qing dynasties 33 residential houses mainly arranged in 3 groups - the north courtyard, middle courtyard and south courtyard. The houses feature the typical layout of quadrangle courtyard facing south. The complex and various carvings of these buildings are all excellent works of Ming and Qing residential architectural art, representing the traditional life style and residential building design of the Han nationality. These courtyards mostly constructing a main court, Hall and gate tower, room are brick and wooden structures. Building elements on the figures, flowers, birds and animals, classical drama, historical stories, such as wood carving, brick carving pattern, is a masterpiece of the Ming and Qing dynasty in China in the vernacular architecture.

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