Hu Kou Waterfall

Hu Kou Waterfall

Scene Introduction

hukou waterfallThe Hukou Waterfall, the largest waterfall on the Yellow River, the "second largest" waterfall in China, is located at the intersection of Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province. Hukou Waterfalls is also known as 'boat sailing on dry-land'.

There are many wonders at Hukou Waterfalls, such as smoke from the river, boats on land, rainbows in the sunshine, and so on. In Hukou the water falls to the deep pond from a relatively high place, stirring the mist which rises high into the air like surging heavy smoke coming out of the river. Visitors can see various shapes of rainbows formed by the rising mist, refracted by the sunshine from different angles. Sometimes rainbows are arched, cutting into the river from the sky like a dragon playing with water; sometimes they are colored ribbons lying across the river; sometimes they become colorful masses which change second by second.

Different season Hukou Waterfall will present in different views. In spring the frozen ground thaws and the stalactites of snow fall into the pond like the mountains collapsing and the earth cracking up. In summer and autumn there is much rainfall. With the rains, the river rushes and the yellow waves seem to reach the sky. In winter, during the coldest days of the year, the magnificent Hukou Waterfalls is clad in white. The water rushes down among icicles of various sizes and shapes, stirring up masses of water fog. In the sun, the mists from the fog form beautiful rainbows, with the icicles forming what appears to be a natural ice bridge underneath.

In addition, other scenic spots also opened to visitors in the areas of Hukou Waterfalls like Great Wall of the Qing Dynasty, Dressing Table, Moon Night of Mengmen and Ancient Battery.

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