Danba Village

Danba Village

Scene Introduction

Danba Danba serves as the east gate of Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Because the amount of ancient watchtowers here, this small county is also called " the country with thousands of pillboxes", and because beauties are gathering here, it is also known as "the beauty valley ". Here are the sites of ancient mankind activities 5,000 years ago, and here has completely kept the life customs of Jiarong Tibetan, and has the scenic spots of The Fist Living Village, scenery gallery, magical Molduo Mountain, Dangling Mountain and the beautiful Yak's Valley etc.

In addition to its primitive landscape, Danba is the cradle of ethnic culture and Tibetan traditions, among which are intricate costumes, archery and horse racing. The local people are excellent masons and skilled architects who build castles, suspension bridges, dams and sinking wells. Their homes are block made from different size stones and built like fortresses.

Danba's county seat lies at Zhangu, a beautiful town by the bank of Dadu River. Some 368 km from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. It is at two major travel loop lines of the west part of Sichuan. Via it, tourists can reach Jiuzhaigou Valley in east and enter the charming Shangri-la area in west.

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