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luzhi townLuzhi Town, located in Kunshan, about 25km east from Suzhou, reputed as "the First Town of Chinese Watery Regions ".Luzhi is named by a kind of mysterious unicorn, which was believed to have the power of warding off evils. Luzhi has also been reputed as A Land of Bridges.

Famous small bridges the 5.6-kilometer-long river course. There once had 72.5 bridges in its prime, and now 41 remain extant. Luzhi today is a city teems with lakes, rivers and bridges, luring amount of visitors from different part of the world with its beautiful scenery. Bridge you can find nearly everywhere here, large stone bridges with several arches, small stone bridges with only one arch, wide arch bridges, narrow flat-top bridges, sister bridges and so on. All theses bridges make Luzhi quite special as a town in watery regions.

In Luzhi, the villagers’ clothes, especially the women’s, are full of the local style which looks like ethnic minorities' apparel in southwest China. Nowadays, they still keep this habit to wearing this type of clothes. Moreover, the other featured thing is the maidenhair trees. There are 7 maidenhair trees in this town. 3 of these trees have more than 800 years old. The highest one among them is more than 50m in height, but it is still straight and strong today.

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