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ZhouzhuangZhouzhuang, a picture-like ancient water village in the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is one of the renowned and must-see attractions in Suzhou. With a prestigious history of more than 800 years, this spectacular water village has also long been a hub for trading various important products such as silk, grain and porcelain.

In Zhouzhuang Village, most of the residences were built in Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 – 1911). Mainly owns 14 bridges with unique style which makes Zhouzhuang stand out from other towns here. Taking the most convenient form of transport in Zhouzhuang, a gondola, it will present some of the breathtaking sights one by one.

Surrounded by water, the picturesque village is interlinked by rivers, canals and many ancient bridges. Its breathtaking natural beauty has become a heaven for nature lovers, photographers, artists and every visitors coming here. Some of the most attractive features include the winding water lanes, beautiful arched shape stone bridges and impressive ancient buildings. The most outstanding feature of Zhouzhuang Water Village is its distinctive water lanes and the most common way of getting around this stunning water village is by boat.

Zhouzhuang is also famous for its tea culture: Grandma’s Tea, Spring Tea and Month Ceremony Tea. Moreover, there are too many places of interest awaiting your discovery: Ancient bridges as (bridge of wealth and safety), Tai Ping Qiao (bridge of peace), The Twin Bridges, Bao En Qiao (bridge of gratitude), Qing Long Qiao (Dragon Bridge) and so on.

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