Tangmo Village

Tangmo Village

Scene Introduction

Tangmo VillageTangmo village, located Near Shexian County, is one of the typical scenic spots to search the Huizhou dwellings culture. Tangmo Village features tranquility and inspiration. The age-old pavilions at its entrance, the memorial arches, the old trees and a tranquil river cut through it, all present us an gorgeous view that shown us the harmonious between human beings and the nature.

The village residences were built in the earlier Qing and were a microcosm of the charming scenery of the Western Lake. Within Several minutes westwards, it is a memorial arch that displays the artisans’ grandeur and exquisite craftsmanship. There is a pair of tablets which records Tanganyuan Garden has fancy inscriptions right beside the entrance. A cobble pavement extends forwards to a great hall. The spirit tablets of two Qing officials are enshrined. After several minutes walk, the 'Quegao Jingshe - the grand main hall in the garden, exhibits fancy bonsai. A long corridor zigzags through the central yard for about one hundred meters. Further to north is another pavilion named 'Jing Ting’. On the marble parapets, pictures were engraved in relief. Also in the garden, inscriptions of the noted calligraphists lure many lovers of oriental culture.

Upon your arrival there, you will be captivated by the quiet rural life style of this particular culture, and the natural beauty that is incorporated within this famous historic and cultural village.

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