Jianshui Old Town

Jianshui Old Town

Scene Introduction

old buildings in JianshuiJianshui, 136 miles southeast of Kunming, is an ancient town with historical importance as a center of trade. With a history of over 1,200 years, Jianshui enjoys a great reputation as a "Museum of Ancient Buildings and Residential Houses". For its location, Jianshui now is a nice stopover from Kunming to famous Yuanyang rice terraces. Most travelers would stay one or two night here to enjoy the atmosphere of an ancient Chinese town.

Known in ancient times as Butou or Badian, Jianshui’s history dates back to the Western Jin period, when it was under the auspices of Ningzhou kingdom. It was handed around to other authorities until its most important days as parts as part of the Tonghai Military Command of the Nanzhao kingdom. The Yuan dynasty established what would eventually become the contemporary town. Now, Jianshui is a town of old buildings, an enormous Confucian temple, a cave laden with swallows … There are many important architectural remnants that visitors find fascinating; including over 100 temples, academies of classical learning and large residences. Most of them still kept in good condition, like Chaoyang Gate, Jianshui Confucious Temple (Chinas's second largest Confucius temple), Zhilin Temple, Twin Dragon Bridge, and Zhu Family Garden …Besides, around Jianshui, there is a scenic spots with beautiful natural scenery, namely Swallow’s Cave.

Wander around Jianshui, classic architecture would surround every visitor, and not just in the old-style back alleys. Also, dive into the small lanes and folk house to discover the charm of the old town. Many local snacks and dishes are found there. Barbecued Tofu and Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles, with good taste and low price, are widely welcome among the local people and visitors.

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