Chongwu Ancient Walled Town

Chongwu Ancient Walled Town

Scene Introduction

local ladies of ChongwuChongwu ancient city situates in the northern shore of Quanzhou Bay and the west coast of Taiwan Strait. It is the division of the East Chinese Sea and the South Chinese Sea. Leading an important part in the coastal defense of ancient China, Chongwu was built as a military section in the beginning of Song Dynasty, officially placed a troop with 1000 soldiers to safeguard the City in the beginning of Ming Dynasty and became a famous town for its military importance and prosperous fishing industry in Qing Dynasty. Today, as a key historic and cultural site, the Chongwu ancient city has been listed by provincial tourism Bureau as the key construction project for tourism and the first batch of famous scenic spots.

When you actually arrive at Chongwu ancient city you are dropped off in the main street. There is a white tiled church and a blue and white domed apartment complex. Walk toward and past these and you will find the wall. The Granite City walls are around 2.5km long and average 7m in height. The ancient walled town wall was built in 1387 by the Ming government as a front line defense against Japanese pirates, and it has survived the last 600 years.

Chongwu is also famous for its stone carving. The stone carvings there are of a large variety and with profound meaning that shows the charm of the nature and the history and culture of Chongwu and China.  As you enter the Stone Carving Park, you can see the statue of the Hui'an Women with their characteristic, the maneuverable stone carving skill and fantastic and exclusive tradition of Huian Women make up the rich and profound tourist connotation of Chongwu.

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