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  • 8-day Guangxi+Guizhou Minority Adventure

    The idea behind the tour is to give an understanding of life in the ethnic villages. We visit some tradintional villages of the 5 ethnic groups including Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao and Shui. During the ...

  • 10-day Wild China Escape

    Let's escape from the big city, the computer, the telephone and every trifle! First, we traverse the bundless prairie where the nomadic people live and some mysterious Tibetan Lamaseries were built, ...

  • 16-day China Discovery Tour

    This Chinese village tour is tailor made for those who are crazy about the facts of China including traditions, minorities, culture, arts, history, buildings, modern miracles and awesome beautiful n ...

  • 4-day Xian Village Tour

    This 4-day tour is a perfect balance of the Chinese history and a cultural village in central China. You will discover the 2500-year-old history of China and witness how the local peasants live on ...

  • 4-day Xiamen Tulou Tour

    This special village tour will take you to remove the mysterious veil of the Hakka houses in mountainous south western Fujian. These buildings were once wrongly known as the missile launchers by the ...

  • 7-day Shangrila+Deqing Adventure

    Snowcapped mountains, grand valleys, serene lakes, wetland with grass, mysterious lamaseries and charming Tibetan villages...this is the real Shangri-la we will take you to, not a fictional place.

  • 7-day Guilin & Yangshuo Tour

    This China village tour shows a charming pastoral scene of some historical villages, orchards, fields, karst peaks and one of the "top 10 water wonders in the world."

  • 6-day South Yunnan Tour

    This Yunnan tour will show you many ethnic groups' cultures, history, traditions, ways of life and their beautiful villages...

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